If your oil tank system leaks and causes a pollution incident, who will be legally liable to pay to clean it up? Almost certainly you!

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Most business insurance policies do not cover environmental damage caused by an oil spill, particularly if such damage is caused by a gradual event, for example, a leaking underground pipe.

Oil is among the most common pollutants in the UK and can be notoriously difficult and time consuming to clean up. The average cost to a business of cleaning up after an oil spill, is £40,000* and this can quickly escalate in to six figures, particularly if controlled waters, for example ground water, are affected.

If there is a spill from an oil tank at your site, which causes environmental damage, you will be legally liable to clean it up. You could also face a criminal prosecution resulting in a fine and/or penalty or worse, plus reputational damage to your business.

*For a typical business with a tank up to 5,000L capacity –Source: OSR Wales Impact Assessment (with stats.) 2016

Oil Spill Insurance

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WorkSpill - Cover provided

WorkSpill is a specialist insurance policy that has been designed for businesses that have oil storage tanks, providing cover for the costs of:

  • Emergency works
  • Repair or replacement of buildings or structures damaged in the course of responding to an oil spill
  • Clean-up at your site as required by environmental law
  • Your liability for property damage and bodily injury to third parties
  • Legal defence costs

As a direct result of an oil spill from an insured oil tank.

Wide limits of cover available from £250,000 to £5,000,000

WorkSpill - Eligibility


Above ground oil tanks that are:

  • Sited in England, Scotland & Wales
  • Fixed ie not portable
  • Up to 20 years old
  • Up to 20,000L capacity
  • Purpose made to store oil
  • Compliant with oil storage regulations
  • Well maintained


  • Underground tanks
  • Tanks that are not bunded
  • Decommissioned or abandoned tanks
  • Tanks that are not compliant with oil storage regulations
  • Badly maintained tanks
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