Have you ever considered who would be liable for the costs of a clean-up following an oil spill in your garden?

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If you have an oil tank at home, you have a legal duty to avoid pollution, to comply with oil storage legislation and face a strict liability to clean up in the event of a spill or leak that causes (or is likely to cause) environmental damage.

There is also the potential for an unlimited fine and a criminal prosecution.

The cost of an environmental clean-up is expensive and it is not unusual for a domestic oil spill to result in a clean-up bill of £20,000. If ground or drinking water is affected, these costs can quickly escalate to six figures, unless dealt with swiftly by specialists.

You may believe that you are fully insured against the risk of pollution by your household insurance, however the reality might be very different. Gaps or limitations in your cover could leave you facing an uninsured loss with catastrophic financial consequences.

As a starting point, contact your household insurers or broker to check what insurance cover you actually have for cleaning up an oil leak or spill.

Download our helpful template for questions to ask your insurers or brokers if you use home heating oil.

Two examples where household insurance didn’t provide full cover following an oil spill.

Case Studies

Homespill Protect - WHAT IT PROVIDES

HomeSpill Protect is a stand-alone insurance policy, specifically designed for homeowners with oil tanks. As a direct result of an oil leak or spill from an insured tank, it covers the costs of:

Insurance and Specialist Services
  • Emergency spill response and clean up works at the insured location by HomeSpill nominated specialists to prevent or minimise environmental damage.
  • Repairing and replacing property damage caused in the course of responding to an oil spill.
  • Temporary heating provision and/or an emergency fuel supply to maintain heating.
  • Tracing and accessing the source of an oil leak from your oil tank system in your garden.
  • Investigating, quantifying and cleaning up environmental damage by HomeSpill nominated specialists to the extent required by environmental law.
  • Restoring soft landscaping within your garden.
  • Your liabilities to third parties and legal defence costs, but only if you have no other insurance covering this liability or you have used all the cover or policy limit available under any other insurance.

Up to the overall limit provided by your policy.

Inner limits and excesses (the amount you are responsible for paying in the event of a claim) apply.

Policy limits of £100,000 or £250,000 are available to purchase.


We are providing you with information on HomeSpill Protect to help you make an informed decision on how you may wish to proceed.

It is important that you read through the information available on our website and, in particular, review the exclusions and limitations contained within the HomeSpill Policy Wording and Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) before deciding whether HomeSpill Protect is appropriate for you.


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Policy Wording

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Step 1

STEP 1 – Oil Tank Eligibility

  • Use our online facility or call us to check eligibility and obtain a premium indication (subject to a HomeSpill Inspection).

Step 2

STEP 2 – Arrange a HomeSpill Inspection

  • Arrange for a HomeSpill Inspection to be carried out on your tank by one of the OFTEC registered businesses or oil technicians (the Inspector) on the HomeSpill Inspection Panel.

Step 3

STEP 3 – HomeSpill Inspection

  • After the inspection has taken place, the Inspector will provide you with a completed HomeSpill Inspection report showing whether your oil tank system is ‘eligible’ or ‘not eligible’.
  • If ‘eligible’, email a copy of the report to us within 30 days of the date of the inspection and we will provide you with a HomeSpill Protect quotation.
  • If ‘not eligible’, the work detailed on the report will have to be carried out by a registered OFTEC registered business or oil technician at your cost before a quotation can be provided.
  • Once any rectification work has been completed, the OFTEC registered business or oil technician will complete and sign the report where stated and this can then be sent to us. You should retain the receipt for the rectification works as this may be required in the event of a claim.

Step 4

STEP 4 – Quotation

  • Once we have received a copy of the ‘eligible’ inspection report, we will provide you with a quotation (which is valid for 30 days), our terms of business (TOBA), a declaration form for completion and details on how to pay the premium.
  • If you wish to accept this quotation, you should pay the first annual premium to us by BACS transfer and email the signed and dated declaration form to us within 30 days.

Step 5

STEP 5 – Cover provided

  • On receipt of your satisfactorily completed, signed & dated declaration and payment of the first annual premium within 30 days, we will arrange for your HomeSpill Policy cover to commence from the date your payment is received by us
  • Your HomeSpill Protect Policy and Schedule will be issued and emailed to you.
Cover will only commence once Oil Spill Insurance Services are in possession of an acceptable HomeSpill Inspection Report Form, have provided you with a confirmed quotation, collected the first insurance premium and issued policy documents to you.


A HomeSpill Inspection is a specific inspection of your oil tank and external supply pipework (oil tank system), carried out by an OFTEC registered business or oil technician on our HomeSpill Inspection Panel (Inspector).

Before we can provide you with a confirmed HomeSpill Protect quotation we must be in possession of a signed and dated HomeSpill Inspection Report Form confirming that your oil tank system is eligible or that any rectification works identified during the HomeSpill Inspection have been completed by an OFTEC registered oil technician.

The contract for the inspection and any rectification works would be between yourself and the OFTEC registered oil technician and at your cost.

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