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What is a HomeSpill Inspection?

A HomeSpill Inspection is a specific inspection of your oil tank and external supply pipework (oil tank system) carried out by an OFTEC registered business or oil technician on our HomeSpill Inspection Panel (Inspector) that confirms whether or not your oil tank system is eligible for the HomeSpill Protect policy.

Following the HomeSpill Inspection, the Inspector will complete a HomeSpill Inspection Report Form and provide this to you.  The report will record details of your oil tank system, whether or not it is compliant with current Building Regulations and its condition. This will determine whether or not  your oil tank system is eligible for a HomeSpill Protect quotation.

If the Inspector identifies that any rectification work is necessary on your oil tank system, this would be detailed on the HomeSpill Inspection Report Form. It is entirely your decision whether to proceed with this work but we would not be able to provide you with a HomeSpill Protect quotation until such time as the work had been completely carried out and confirmed by an OFTEC registered business or oil technician of your choosing.

There may be instances where after a HomeSpill Inspection is carried out, we are unable to provide you with a HomeSpill Protect quotation until a further inspection or survey has been carried out. An example of this, is if the Inspector sees evidence of a leak or existing contamination. In these circumstances a contamination survey and any necessary decontamination works would need to be carried out and signed off by a specified specialist before we could provide a HomeSpill Protect quotation.

 Before you decide to proceed with a HomeSpill Inspection, we would like to make clear that the cost and payment for the inspection and any rectification works or further surveys that you have carried out would be your responsibility and the contract for the inspection and such work between yourself and the OFTEC business or individual carrying out the inspection. We accept no responsibility or liability for the cost or quality of the inspection or any advice given.

In addition, once a HomeSpill Inspection has taken place, your liability for the payment of the cost of the inspection is due to the Inspector regardless of the outcome of the inspection.

Oil Check Inspection


A HomeSpill Inspection by an OFTEC registered business or oil technician on our HomeSpill Inspection Panel is necessary to confirm whether your oil tank system is eligible for the HomeSpill Protect Insurance Policy.

In addition, it is a condition of the HomeSpill Protect Policy, that an insured oil tank system is checked over annually by a registered OFTEC business or oil technician of your choosing, and that any necessary rectification work identified is carried out at your cost. This inspection can be carried out at the same time as your oil boiler service visit as long as the business or individual carrying out the service is registered with OFTEC and provides you with a report of the tank system inspection including details of any rectification work deemed necessary. Usually there is no additional charge for this inspection if it is carried out as a part of an annual service visit.

Oil industry experts and environmental regulators recommend that oil tank systems are checked over by a Competent Person at least annually and oil tank manufacturers often stipulate such an inspection to comply with the terms of their warranty.

What is OFTEC?

OFTEC stands for the Oil Firing Technical Association and has been promoting excellence in oil fired heating and cooking since 1991. It maintains a government approved Competent Person registration scheme for technicians who install, commission and service oil and renewable heating and cooking equipment.

OFTEC register technicians who can demonstrate that they have passed the relevant technical assessments at a recognised training centre and have proven experience of oil boiler or tank installation, commissioning and / or servicing. Registrants receive an initial inspection / business audit by OFTEC and thereafter regular inspections of their work are carried out.

OFTEC will investigate consumer complaints about an OFTEC registered business or oil technician where a lack of technical competence is a concern.

To check whether a business or individual is registered with OFTEC click on this link –


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