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Environmental Policy

Apart from doing the usual, such as trying to cut down on paper & printer ink use, turning off equipment when not in use, etc. We do believe that we can make a significant environmental difference with our approach on claims.

Every year many thousands of tons of contaminated soil are sent to landfill that simply needn’t go there; it’s just the way that things have been done for many years. But it is bad for the environment; the contamination is still there it has just moved to another place. Fuel is wasted and carbon monoxide emissions produced during the transportation to hazardous waste landfill sites, which are often many miles away.

This approach is also extremely expensive and heavily taxed; for each ton of contaminated soil that ends up at a hazardous waste site HMRC receive £91.35, this tax has risen each year since it was introduced in 1996 and is likely to continue to rise as the government apply the ‘stick’ approach in an attempt to price firms into finding more sustainable solutions of dealing with contamination. It can also be a very disruptive and upsetting process.

We strongly believe that wherever possible, environmentally friendly and sustainable methods of dealing with escape of oil claims should be adopted, such as the treatment of soil whilst still in the ground, both reducing disruption to you and reducing claims costs.

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